We build communities.


Our Mission

Community Housing Developers (CHD) increases and maintains the supply of quality, affordable housing in Santa Clara County to meet the needs of low-and moderate-income persons, particularly those with special needs such as seniors, single-parent families and the physically disabled.


Established in 1979 by a coalition of community groups, churches, and concerned individuals, our mission has not changed; whereas the environment, economic, political, social and demographic conditions in which we operate has dramatically shifted. For nearly 40 years, CHD has developed over 2,000 units and has assisted more than 5,000 families. CHD has constructed 368 for-sale units and 517 rental units. In addition, CHD has acquired and rehabilitated 1,118 rental units throughout the Bay Area.

In Santa Clara County alone, residential units are in short supply, with a less than one percent vacancy rate, and priced beyond the reach of many families and individuals. The average two-bedroom apartment rents for more than $2,900, while newly built luxury one-bedroom apartments rent for $2,500 or more. Single-family homes all over the Bay Area are beyond the reach of many would-be buyers, ranging from $750,000 to over $1.25 million and growing, according to industry reports.

As an expert in financing hard-to-finance projects, Community Housing Developers periodically reviews and modifies its policies and strategies to provide affordable housing in Santa Clara County and beyond. Part of CHD’s success lies in its expertise in political advocacy, its ability to maintain good relations by working with neighbors, the surrounding communities, as well as local groups and organizations to move projects from inception to completion, while listening to and alleviating public opposition against low-cost apartments and homes.